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Transformation Experience of ACLEDA

Target Participants:
Project Manager, Finance Manager, or someone who works related to microfinance program

3 days

Lecture, demonstration, field study, discussion and offering experiences

Management team of Training Division and other related divisions


During this course participants will:

  • Understand the history of ACLEDA from a project to the largest bank in Cambodia
  • Understand the stages of transformation
  • Understand the way the transformation was managed
  • Understand the way the transformation was managed
  • Experience real life operations in an ACLEDA Bank branch

Course Contents

  • Overview of ACLEDA
    • ACLEDA history
    • Organization structure
    • Financial products and services
    • Branch network
    • Personnel statistics
    • Updated result/achievement
  • ACLEDA Experience of Transformation
    • ACLEDA as an NGO
    • ACLEDA as Specialized Bank
    • ACLEDA as Commercial Bank
  • Study tour to provincial/district branch office
  • Visit ACLEDA's customers
  • Wrap-up meeting at the Headquarters

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