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Fund Transfer Service

Target Participants:
Marketing Manager, Chief of Marketing Officer, Customer Relationship Manager, Customer Service Officer and Marketing Officer

1 day

Presentation, Discussion, Demonstration, Role-plays, Individual Work, Question and Answer, and other participatory actions to ensure that the transfer of experiences and learning activities are going smoothly in the professional manner

Senior Faculty (Marketing Specialist) and Chief Marketing from ACLEDA's Branch


During this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand ACLEDA Bank’s products and services
  • Understand ACLEDA Bank’s fund transfer services
  • Understand ACLEDA Bank's benefits, features, terms and conditions of fund transfer services
  • Know how to calculate fee charges and interest
  • Learn about ACLEDA Bank’s staff experiences

Course Contents

  • Deposit Services
    • Summary of ACLEDA Bank products and services
    • Introduction of ACLEDA Bank deposit services
    • Benefits and features of deposit services
    • General terms and conditions of deposit services
    • Guideline for calculating deposit services
    • Lesson learned from ACLEDA Bank experiences
  • Fund Transfer Services
    • Introduction of ACLEDA Bank fund transfer services
    • Benefits and features of fund transfer services
    • General Terms and Conditions of fund transfer services
    • Guideline for calculating transfer services
    • Lesson learned from ACLEDA Bank experience

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