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Training Management

Target Participants:
Training Manager, Human Resource Manager, or someone who works related to training activity

2 days

Lecture, Demonstration, Handout, Discussion and offering experiences

Management team of ACLEDA Training Center and ACLEDA Bank Plc.


During this course participants will:

  • Understand the ACLEDA Bank Training Department structure
  • Know the authority and responsibility of each unit in training department Understand the Training and Development Policy and Procedure
  • Understand the importance of training for business continuity and career development
  • Understand the staff training curriculum
  • Understand the annual training plan and budget
  • Understand how to schedule training activities and report on training

Course Contents

  • Introduction to ACLEDA Training Department Management
    • Structure/organization chart
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Business continuity plan of training department
    • Detailed activities of training department
  • Training and development operating manual
  • New recruit training program
  • Existing training program
  • Introductory training program for promotional staff and changing positions
  • Career development training program
  • Additional learning program
  • Visitor program (internship/research/study tour)
  • Training curriculum
    • New recruit staff
    • Existing staff
    • Promotional staff and changing positions
    • Managers (career development)
  • Training plan
    • Yearly training plan
    • Yearly budget plan
  • Trainer
    • Members of trainer team
    • Roles
    • Training of trainers
  • Visitor program
    • Internship
    • Study tour
    • Training/consultancy service
    • Sport
  • Pre-training preparation
    • Training schedule setting
    • Training-letter-out
    • Materials development
    • Classroom arranging
    • Catering
  • Training report
    • Recording procedures
    • Summary and detail reports
    • Filling
    • Data review

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