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Practical Saving Program Management

Target Participants:
Marketing manager, Product development manager, Treasury manager, or someone who works related to saving program

3 days

Lecture/Demonstration, Handout, Discussion and offering experiences

Management team of Marketing Division, Operation Division and Treasury Division in ACLEDA Bank


During this course participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of cash management
  • Know how to monitor and forecast cash flows in different currencies
  • Know how to prevent excess or deficit of cash
  • Know how to manage secure movement of cash
  • Know savings policy and procedures of savings products
  • Know standard savings products and pricing
  • Understand the fundamentals of asset and liability management
  • Understand all major risks involved in asset and liability management
  • Understand interest rate structures and outlook
  • Understand the complexity of dealing with multiple currencies
  • Will know how to optimally forecast cash flows
  • Will know how to effectively manage the cash flows of a branch

Course Contents

  • Saving
    • Saving products
      • Saving account
      • Fixed deposit account
      • Current account
    • Procedure of each saving products
    • Saving report
  • Assets and Liabilities Management
    • How to prepare cash flow projection "CF"
    • How to make cash flow more effective
    • Managing deposit and withdrawal
    • Managing the shortage and surplus of cash
    • Assets and Liabilities Management
      • What is ALCO (Assets and Liabilities Management Committee)?
      • ALCO responsibilities
    • Risk might affect to balance sheet management

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