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Internal Audit Management

Target Participants:
Audit Manager, HR Manager, Operation Manager, or someone who works related to the audit tasks

1 day

Lecture/Demonstration, Handout, Discussion and offering experiences

Head of Internal Audit Division and Audit Management Team


During this course participants will:

  • Understand the internal audit function of ACLEDA Bank
  • Understand the standards of an audit program
  • Understand how to conduct a credit audit, operating expense audit and cash audit
  • Understand how to detect and deal with fraudulent behavior
  • Understand policy and procedures for employees involved in reporting, investigating or being a witness of irregular activities
  • Be shared real life experiences of internal audits.

Course Contents

  • Internal Audit Function in ACLEDA Bank
    • Introduction IA organization structure
    • Performance of IAD function
    • Reporting line
  • How to Develop the Audit Program
    • Basic to develop the IA task
    • The standards of audit program
  • Credit Audit
    • Fundamental of credit audit program
    • The exception of experience
  • Operating Expense Audit
    • Improper on financial report
    • Cut-off time in transaction expense
  • Cash Audit
    • Basic to develop the IA task
    • The standards of audit program
  • Quality Control on Audit Risk
    • Control on audit branch
    • Control on audit procedure

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