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Marketing Skills for Manager

Training Program

  • Date: Saturday, November 26, 2016
  • Time: 8:30 - 12:00
  • Training Language: Khmer
  • Training Materials: English/Khmer

Deadline of registration: November 18, 2016


If you are interested, please fill our enrolment form and send to tauch.an@acledabank.com.kh or info@acleda-aib.edu.kh

Contact Persons

Tel: +85­5 (0)15 600 185
E-mail: tauch.an@acledabank.com.kh

Mr. LONG Ratha
Tel: +85­5 (0)10 300 879
E-mail: info@acleda-aib.edu.kh

Training Venue

ACLEDA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS, building #50, Street 516 Corner 335, 06 Village, Sangkat Boeng Kak 1, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh. See map.

Marketing is critical in delivering the message to the existing and prospective customers on the perceived value of quality and differentiation of products and services from a given branding. This course is design for both marketing and non-marketing managers who have not been privileged with prior marketing skills, and takes a gentle curve with an emphasis on equipping them with that missing knowledge since companies are increasingly recognizing the important of Marketing and its role in the overall success of the company and its contribution towards achieving sustainable growth and profitability.

Who should attend?

General Manager, Marketing Manager, Sale Manager, and someone who work related to Sales and Marketing.

What you will benefit?

After completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the terminologies, the concepts and principles of marketing
  • Understand and develop an analysis of market environment
  • Understand the marketing mix i.e. Distribution Channels, Price Structures, Advertising, Sales Promotion and the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing
  • Motivation Driven (Sale/Promotion/Retention)
  • Planning & Organizing skill
  • Provide customers with excellent customer service quality and customer feedback problem solving

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Marketing
    • What is marketing?
    • The Importance of Marketing Within an Organization
  2. Environment Analysis
    • Understanding the Internal
    • Understanding the External Environment
  3. Understanding your Customers
    • Segmenting the Market
    • Profiling your Customers
    • Targeting and Positioning
  4. Understanding the marketing mix
    • Product Development
    • Physical Distribution
    • Advertising & Sale Promotion
    • Pricing Strategy
  5. Motivation Driven
    • Sale and Gross-selling
    • Promotion Strategy and Media
    • Customer Retention Strategy
  6. Planning & Organizing Skill
    • Master Plan & Implementation
  7. Understanding Customer Service Excellent & Problem Solving
    • Customer Service excellent
    • Feedback & solving

Training Fee

  • USD 56 per participant per training course.
  • USD 52 per participant for organization sending 3-5 participants to the course.
  • USD 49 per participant for organization sending 6 participants up to the course.

This fee includes training materials, refreshments, and certificate.

Payment Condition: There is no charge for any cancellation which is made by the deadline of the registration. Cancellation after deadline of the registration and participants appearing without proper cancellation will be charged the full amount.


The training methodology will be focused on experience based and participatory approaches including brainstorming, group discussion with presentation, sharing hand-on experience, participants' problem raised during training workshop.


Mr. LONG Horng, Vice President & Deputy Head of Marketing Division, ACLEDA Bank Plc.

  • Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Take part in planning, organizing, leading, controlling and evaluating work performance in the marketing division and ensuring proper compliance with operating manuals, procedures on duty.
    • Participate in taking responsibility for planning human resources, recruiting and training.
    • On behalf of Senior Vice President & Head of Marketing Division/assist in leading and managing works such as:
      • Customer Service: complaints, explanations, responses, providing information and problem solving of internal and external customers relevant to products-services.
      • Marketing activity: creating and developing all types of promotional materials such as: brochure & flyer, banner, sticker, user's guide, artwork, publishing in the media... for producing promotional materials in promoting sales smoothly.
      • Sale & customer relationship: assisting in leading and controlling sale contact with private/state-owned institutions of all ACLEDA Bank's products-services and developing communicating closely with potential customers to make them continue using its products forever and verifying requests to customers related to ACLEDA Bank's products-services.
      • Electronic banking service: assisting in managing, leading, controlling, and supporting products-services applicable to ACLEDA Bank's electronic banking to ensure smooth running and effectiveness.
      • Marketing Compliance: assisting in leading and controlling marketing performance compared with policies, procedures, forms and guidelines on ACLEDA Bank's marketing operation compliance.
      • Reporting: assisting in leading, controlling, organizing, recording or inputting data of customers and reporting to management and outsiders.
  • Work Experiences:
    • 1 August 2014 - Present: 2 years as Vice President & Deputy Head of Marketing Division
    • 6 years as Assistant Senior Vice President of Marketing Division
    • 4 years as Assistant Vice President & Assistant manager of Marketing Unit
    • 3 years as Marketing Research Officer
    • 3 years as Accountant
  • Education:
    • 2003 – 2008, Master Degree in Business Administration
    • 1998 – 2001, Bachelor of Business Administration

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