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Trade Finance Business and Practical Application

Training Program

  • Date: April 8 - 10, 2015
  • Time: 8:30 - 16:30
  • Lunch: 12:00 - 13:30
  • Training Language: Khmer and English
  • Training Materials: English

Deadline of registration: April 3, 2015

Training Fee

  • USD 270 per participant per three-day training course.
  • USD 250 per participant per three-day training course, for organization which sends 3 or more participants to the course.
  • This fee includes training materials, refreshments, lunches and certificate.

To get more information:

Mr. LIM Dina
Tel: +85­5 (0)15 600 185
Email: lim.dina@acledabank.com.kh

Tel: +85­5 (0)15 600 185
Email: tauch.an@acledabank.com.kh

Training Venue

ACLEDA Training Center, building #50, Street 516 Corner 335, 06 Village, Sangkat Boeng Kak 1, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh.


If you are interested, please fill our enrolment form and then send to us via: lim.dina@acledabank.com.kh or tauch.an@acledabank.com.kh

Payment Condition

There is no charge for any cancellation which is made by the deadline of the registration. Cancellation after deadline of the registration and participants appearing without proper cancellation will be charged the full amount.


After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a solid knowledge documentary credit clearly
  • Know how to process import-export letter of credit
  • How to apply UCP 600, URDG 758 and ISP98
  • Format swift message in day to day operational practice
  • Deal with the issue in trade finance compliance with international best practice effectively

Target Participants

  • Bankers working in trade finance, particularly in documentary credits, collections, bank guarantees and export financing departments, branch managers
  • Front office bank specialists, relationship managers
  • Exporters, importers and traders
  • Carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies
  • Specialists in trade finance, finance specialists
  • Bank risk managers, internal auditors
  • Lawyers, advocates, academics, middle level managers

Course Contents

Trade Finance Concept and Documentary Credit

  1. Trade Finance Concept
    • Overview main point of Sale Contract
    • International Commercial Terms
    • Documents used in International Trade
    • Method of payment in International Trade
  2. Letter of Credit
    • Parties of a documentary credit
    • Generic Flow chart of a documentary credit transaction
    • Availability of documentary credit
      • Sight Payment
      • Acceptance Payment
      • Differed Payment
      • Negotiation payment
    • Special Type of documentary credit
      • Transferable credits-Process Flow and Case Study
      • Back-to-back credits
      • Read Clause L/C
      • Green Clause L/C
      • Revolving and Reinstatement credits
      • Standby Letter of credit

Documentary Collection, Bank Guarantee and Reflect of Process Flow of Imp-Exp Letter of credit

  1. Documentary Collection
    • Type of documentary collection
      • Documents against Payment
      • Documents against Acceptance
      • Clean Collection
    • Generic Flow chart of a documentary collection transaction
  2. Bank Guarantee
    • Direct vs Indirect Bank Guarantee
    • Generic flow chart of Bank Guarantee
    • Type of Bank Guarantee
      • Bid Guarantee
      • Performance Guarantee
      • Advance Payment Guarantee
      • Payment Guarantee
      • Retention Money Guarantee
    • Lost, stolen or Damaged
    • Payment of Claim
  3. Process flow of Import LC
    • Issuance a Letter of Credit
    • Amendment a Letter of credit
    • Examination Documents
    • Payment of the proceeds
  4. Process flow of Export LC
    • Advice a Letter of Credit
    • Examination Documents
    • Process of negotiation documents under LC
    • Payment of the process

Documentary Credits – Cycle

  • Documentary Credits Cycle
  • Issuance of Documentary Credit – Application – Case Study
  • Discussion
  1. Documentary Credits – Examination of documents as per UCP 600 and ISBP 745
    • Case Study – Examination of presentation of documents under documentary credit
    • Discussion
  2. Bank Guarantees – UDRG 748 in Practice
    • Main URDG 748 provisions from practical point of view
    • Recent issues regarding usage of URDG 748 in practice, e.g.:
      • Issuance of bank guarantees, Amendments
      • Examination of demands, Extent or Pay demands
    • Case studies
  3. Compliance issues in trade finance - introduction
    • Financial crime - introduction
    • Risk of financial crime – from trade finance point of view
    • AML, CTF – main principles
    • Main key features of effective bank AML policies
    • Sanctions – scope of the issues in relation to trade finance
    • KYC, Customer due diligence
    • Case studies, Discussion


Mr. Pavel Andrle

Mr. Andrle is a Secretary to the Banking Commission of ICC Czech Republic which he regularly represents at the ICC Banking Commission meetings abroad. He chaired the working groups of ICC CR which revised translations of UCP 500, UCP 600, eUCP, ISP98, URDG 758 and other Banking Commission documents as well as Incoterms 2010 into Czech language.

He has been deeply involved in the revision of UCP as a member of UCP 600 Consulting group being formed by over forty experts from all over the world. He has been also closely involved in revision of URDG 758. He chaired the working group of ICC Czech Republic which translated the URDG 758 rules into Czech language. Nowadays, he is a member of ICC Task Force on Guarantees, also a member of the new ICC Bankin Commission Consulting group for Forfaiting (developing the new ICC rules for Forfaiting), and a member of the ICC Banking Commission Consulting group for Rules on BPO. In years 2010-2011 he also served as a member of the ICC Banking Commission Group of Experts which drafted the official ICC Banking Commission Opinions on ICC Rules.

Mr. Andrle worked closely with Mr. Miroslav Subert, a member of the Incoterms 2010 Drafting Group, during the revision of Incoterms and cooperated in the official translation of Incoterms 2010 into Czech language. He has delivered numerous seminars on the Incoterms 2000 and Incoterms 2010, both in Czech Republic and abroad. In October 2014, Mr. Andrle was appointed as a Secretary to the Commission on Commercial Law and Practice of ICC Czech Republic.

Mr. Pavel Andrle is an international trade and finance consultant and lecturer. He has worked for a number of leading local and international banks in various positions (for instance as trade finance specialist, head of trade finance, trade finance risk manager, in-house trainer). Frequent Lecturer in Documentary Credits, Bank Guarantees & Trade Finance for Bankovni Instititut Vysoka, Institute of Foreign Trade Transport & Forwarding, ICC CR and Economic Chamber of Commerce of Czech Republic. Regular facilitator in seminars abroad in English for ICC National Committees world-wide.

Mr. Andrle has lead or participated in number of seminars held in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Philippines, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, U.K., Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago, etc. He is author of the publication "Documentary Credits – a Practical Guide" published by Grada Publishing, a.s. (6 editions). He has written a "Commentary to UCP500 in the light of ISBP and other ICC Banking Commission documents" and "Commentary to UCP600" published by ICC CR (all in Czech language). Recently his book on "Examination of documents under Documentary Credits" has been published by ICC CR (in English language).

Appointed ICC CR expert to reply to enquiries related to Documentary Credits and Trade and Structured Finance – development of technical assistance consultancy services of ICC CR to banks, carrier, insurance companies and traders. It includes advisory services and in-house technical assistance in banks and companies.

DOCDEX Expert of ICC Centre for Expertise with ICC International Arbitration Court, ICC Paris, arbitrator with Vilnius Arbitration Court, Lithuania. He is active trainer under Global Trade Finance programme of IFC (International Finance Corporation – a member of World Bank Group). Mr. Andrle is the lead tutor in the Finance of International Trade with the electronic Business School International. Mr. Pavel Andrle can be contacted at pa@cmail.cz or andrle@icc-cr.cz

Mr. TUY Sovannara
Senior Faculty, ACLEDA Training Center

Born on 1978, he obtained a Master's Degree of Business Administration (MBA) major in Finance from National University of Management, Cambodia in 2011.He also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English for Business Communication (English Based, International Program) from Pannasastra University of Cambodia in 2012. He gained a Bachelor of Economics in Banking and Finance at Norton University, Cambodia in 2000. He has attended numerous short courses on finance and banking, training of trainer, management and leadership which were organized by ACLEDA Bank Plc. since 2000.

He started working for ACLEDA Bank Plc. as a credit officer in 2000 and was promoted as a chief of credit officer in 2001. He moved to work as an Auditor in 2003 and was changed to Accountant at Operation Department, Headquarter, ACLEDA Bank Plc. in 2004. He was promoted as an Assistant Vice President and Manager of Accounting Unit at Trade Finance Division in 2007. He became a Senior Specialist at Trade Finance Division in 2013. He has been assigned as a member of trainer pool of ACLEDA Bank Plc. since 2007 and responsible for delivering training courses on task of accountant, financial and accounting management, financial statement analysis, planning and budgeting, ratio analysis, off- balance sheet entry of trade finance, set up credit line, input loan in bulk into system, and prepared monthly reports to management. He currently holds a position as a Senior Faculty, specialized in finance and accounting at ACLEDA Training Center.

Mr. Ly Chamnan
Trade Finance Senior Specialist, Trade Finance Division

He obtained a Master's Degree of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance at National University of Management. He attended advanced course on Intermediate Trade Finance at Cambodia Institute of Banking (CIB), Inco terms 2000 & Documentary Credit at Cambodia Institute of Banking (CIB), SWIFT Payment & Trade Finance Message at CITIBANK Thailand.

He started working for ACLEDA Bank in the field of Trade Finance in 2005, responsible for Import Letter of Credit and Documentary Collection.

With his expertise of 8 year dealing with trade finance and as a member of trainer pool of ACLEDA Bank Plc, he has had a lot of successful experience in transfer conceptual and practical knowledge to national participants involving with Trade Finance and Swift Message such as Documentary Credit and Documentary Collection (Import), Incoterms 2000 and 2010, and SWIFT Payment & Trade Finance Message etc.

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