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Effective Employee Performance Management

Target Participants:
Human Resource Manager, HR Officer, Branch Manager, Supervisor, or someone who works related to Human Resource Management

2 days

Lecture, Demonstration, Handout, Discussion and offering experiences

Management team of Human Resource Division in ACLEDA Bank Plc.


During this course participants will:

  • Understand human resource planning, recruitment and selection
  • Understand human resource development and training
  • Understand how to appraise staff performance
  • Understand remuneration policies
  • Understand conflict management and problem solving
  • Understand of to build staff motivation

Course Contents

  • Human Resource Planning
    • Who involve in the HR planning process
    • How to process and find the HR demand
    • How to link it with business plan
  • Job Description
    • Methods of collection job analysis information at ACLEDA
    • Writing job specification and job descriptions
  • External Recruitment and Selection
    • How to recruit and select staff effectively
    • Recruitment and selection process at ACLEDA
  • HR Organization and Career Development
    • How to organize the internal employee smoothly
    • Promotion process
  • Training and HR Development
    • Method of ACLEDA's Training and Development Program
  • Employee Performance Management and Appraisal
    • Performance appraisal system in ACLEDA
    • Performance appraisal procedure
    • Problems relating to performance appraisal
  • Salary and Other Fringe Benefit Management
    • Salary and fringe benefit at ACLEDA and how to control them
  • Conflict Management and HR Problem Solving
    • How to solve HR problem at ACLEDA
    • Case Study
    • Disciplinary action
  • Building Employee's Goodwill
    • How to build employee's goodwill in ACLEDA

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